About BetCity Asia (博城) Rewards Club

Welcome to BetCity Asia (博城) Rewards Club, the worlds leading gaming site with impressive loyalty benefits. Our commitment extends beyond customer satisfaction by providing amazing benefits, incentives and quality points exchange for every customers. BetCity Asia (博城) is filled with attractive offers on Rewards Club that is offering in the industry. And the best part is yet to come – there is free sign up & registration, you will start earning points once you are " BLUE " card member automatically; and you will get more reward points once you move to a higher membership tiers!

Every member are bound by BetCity Asia (博城) terms and conditions establish from time to time for this successful Rewards Club. We would appreciate if any members could share us with feedbacks or innovative ideas to help us stay in tune with what you needs, and we definitely will take your suggestion into consideration and implement it for leading better improvement & development on BetCity Asia (博城), and YOU will be rewarded from the management in the short notice of time.



BetCity Asia (博城) will reward points to member based on membership level. There are 5 level of membership – Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Card members; every time you move to a higher Membership Tier, you will get additional point rewards, benefits and privileges.



Once you have earned enough points depending on what you prefer to exchange, you can freely decide to REDEEM for attractive selections such as Sporting Apparels, today is Electronic Gadgets, Fashion and more when you visit Rewards redemption page. While you wager, you are also earning points simultaneously that BetCity Asia (博城) would not want you to miss out any great benefits.
*Important Notes : BetCity Asia (博城) account holder are NOT allowed to combine points with any other party account and points earned are meant for members benefit only which is strictly not transferable to friends or another account.



All BetCity Asia (博城) earned points are valid as below from its anniversary/period and forfeited accordingly for any that is exceeded. You may refer to BetCity Asia (博城) Rewards Aging Statement to avoid losing points that may be useful for your continuous gaming leisure. You also able to check your coming expiration points as well at Rewards Aging Statement through our innovative system.

  • For BLUE earned points will be valid for six (6) months.
  • For SILVER earned points will be valid for twelve (12) months.
  • For GOLD earned points will be valid for lifetime.
  • For PLATINUM earned points will be valid for lifetime.
  • For DIAMOND earned points will be valid for lifetime.


Rewards Terms & Conditons

  • BetCity Asia (博城) reserves the right to change and amend the Rewards T&C and Rewards Club at any time.
  • If you acted fraudulent, and engaged in illegal activities when using the website and Rewards Club, or in breach with BetCity Asia (博城) sole and absolute discretion to suspend and/or close your account and/or a related account.
  • Once your member account is opened successfully, you are automatically a member of BetCity Asia (博城) Rewards Club and you will start to earn points by playing real money. You will start to earn your reward points on Sportsbook.
  • You can use your reward Points to redeem for Free Bets, Gadgets, Free Trips and many other exciting programs outlined on BetCity Asia (博城) Rewards Club.
  • Reward Points cannot be exchanged into real cash but instead can redeem into Free Bets.
  • You are eligible to participate on any ongoing promotions on Rewards Club and/or unless stated otherwise on Rewards Promotions T&C for eligibility to participate.
  • Your points earned shall be calculated and credited into your reward account. Please login into your account; select Rewards to check on your reward points balance and transaction history.
  • You have read and agreed that all the unused reward points shall be forfeited as below:
    • For BLUE earned points will be valid for six (6) months.
    • For SILVER earned points will be valid for twelve (12) months.
    • For GOLD earned points will be valid lifetime.
    • For PLATINUM earned points will be valid lifetime.
    • For DIAMOND earned points will be valid lifetime.
  • If you have yet to claim any of your unused reward points that is expired (validation provided), all your unused reward points will deemed invalid and expired. You are reminded to redeem your points before the points expire in every six (6) calendar months.
  • Your reward points earned are calculated on 1st of every month basis and your points will be credited into your Rewards account once your points has been validated and verified.
  • Your reward points do not include in any tie bets/voids/draw/cancellation of bets.
  • You can start to earn your reward points when you place a valid bet. BetCity Asia (博城) will reward points to member based on membership level.
    • Example:
      • Blue Card Member:
        -Turnover Amount RM1,000 x 0.70% = 7 points
      • Silver Card Member:
        -Turnover Amount RM10,000 x 0.80% = 80 points
      • Gold Card Member:
        -Turnover Amount RM50,000 x 0.90% = 450 points
      • Platinum Member:
        -Turnover Amount RM100,000 x 1.00% = 1000 points
      • Diamond Card Member:
        -Turnover Amount RM100,000 x 1.10% = 1100 points
  • Reward Points is non-transferable